Sensor Specs

Channel Naming

Channels are named according to this convention:

site:system-building_sensor_location_descriptor(_axis, units)(_`BLRMS`_band)

More information here.

Sensor Information

These are the different sensors used:

Seismometers: Guralp model CMG-40T
Tiltmeters: Applied Geomechanics model 520 Biaxial Clinometers
Accelerometers: Endevco model 7754-1000 Isotron Accelerometer
Microphones: Bruel & Kjaer model 4130 with preamp model 2642 and dual microphone power supply model 2810
Magnetometers: Bartington Model MAG-03MC three axis fluxgate magnetometers

More information here.

Grid Locations

The grid locations for sensors are based on global LIGO coordinates, and measurements are all given in mm.